Thursday, 31 December 2009

What a coaching team!

Ten Instinctive Golf Coaches + 5 instinctive golf games(challenges) + 300 great geordie kids + Northern Rock+ Matfen Hall = One FANTASTIC, EMPOWERING, LEARNING, FUN, exhausting day.
Thanks to Northern Rock and the PGA North Region for giving IGC the opportunity to give the kids a day they will never forget.
Sorry to all Mums and Dads present who wanted to, but were not allowed to play our games. Maybe we should do a BIG KIDS Day!!!

Must watch video

Take a look at this video on the homepage


The end of another year!!! Keep em coming I say. I'm always so excited at the prospect of what lies ahead in the new year. What opportunities are going to present themselves and which ones will just slide by?

I hope we all make as much out of what presents itself to us as we can.

Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Snow Golf Madness

Check this video out -- Snow Golf Madness

Brand New Instinctive Golf Blog!!

Welcome to my brand newblog!!! Set up by Dan Charnley at Garstang Golf Centre. Will keep you posted with images and news of all up and coming Instinctive Golf Events!!

I am pleased to tell you that details of the next Instinctive Golf Coaching Summit for February 2010 have been added to the IGC website. To view the information, please go to: